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University of Victoria Senate

August 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Ex officio (University Act: section 35 (2) (a-f))back to top
Shelagh Rogers Chancellorto 12-31-2017
Jamie Cassels, Chair President and Vice-Chancellor
Valerie Kuehne Vice-President Academic and Provost
David Castle Vice-President Research
Saul Klein Dean of Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Ralf St. Clair Dean of Education
Tom Tiedje Dean of Engineering
Maureen MacDonald Dean of Continuing Studies
Lynne van Luven Acting Dean of Fine Arts
David Capson Dean of Graduate Studies
John Archibald Dean of Humanities
Mary Ellen Purkis, Vice-Chair Dean of HSD
Jeremy Webber Dean of Law
Robert Lipson Dean of Science
Catherine Krull Dean of Social Sciences
Jonathan Bengtson University Librarian
Elected by the faculties (section 35 (2) (g))back to top
Rebecca Grant Peter B. Gustavson School of Businessto 06-30-2016
Brock Smith Peter B. Gustavson School of Businessto 06-30-2015
Carolyn Crippen Educationto 06-30-2016
John Walsh Educationto 06-30-2017
Peter Driessen Engineeringto 06-30-2016
Nikolai Dechev Engineeringto 06-30-2017
Patricia Kostek Fine Arts to 06-30-2015
Carolyn Butler-Palmer Fine Artsto 06-30-2016
Sara Beam Graduate Studiesto 06-30-2016
Charlotte Schallie Graduate Studiesto 06-30-2017
Abdul Roudsari Human and Social Development to 06-30-2015
Esther Sangster-Gormley Human and Social Developmentto 06-30-2016
Annalee Lepp Humanitiesto 06-30-2016
Laura Parisi Humanities to 06-30-2015
Gillian Calder Law to 06-30-2017
Mark Gillen Lawto 06-30-2016
Florin Diacu Science to 06-30-2017
Diana Varela Scienceto 06-30-2017
Doug Baer Social Sciencesto 06-30-2017
Rosaline Canessa Social Science to 06-30-2015
Elected by the faculty members (section 35 (2) (g))back to top
Janni Aragon to 06-30-2015
Sikata Banerjee to 06-30-2016
Alexandra Branzan Albu to 06-30-2017
Catherine Caws to 06-30-2015
Alison Chapman to 06-30-2015
Aaron Devor to 06-30-2017
Leslee Francis Pelton to 06-30-2017
Kathryn Gillis to 06-30-2017
Tim Haskett to 06-30-2017
Susan Lewis Hammond to 06-30-2017
Ann Stahl to 06-30-2016
Victoria Wyatt to 06-30-2016
Elected by student associations (section 35 (2) (h))back to top
Lee Brekstad to 06-30-2015
Jordan Crocker to 06-30-2015
Kayleigh Erickson to 06-30-2015
Karthik Gopalakrishnan to 06-30-2015
Iveline Ivanova to 06-30-2015
Susan Karim to 06-30-2015
Ben Lukenchuk to 06-30-2015
Dakota Mellin to 06-30-2015
Roy Nam to 06-30-2015
Alex Neiman to 06-30-2015
Cory Shankman to 06-30-2015
Gabrielle Sutherland to 06-30-2015
Kaylee Szakacs to 06-30-2015
Nick Tang to 06-30-2015
Lindsey Willis to 06-30-2015
TBA (Fine Arts) to 06-30-2015
Elected by the convocation (section 35 (2) (i))back to top
Nav Bassi to 06-30-2015
Linda Hannah  to 06-30-2015
Robbyn Lanning to 06-30-2015
Cathy McIntyre to 06-30-2015
Additional members (section 35 (2) (k))back to top
Bruce Wright Head, Division of Medical Sciences
Tracie Smith Member elected by the Professional Librarians to 06-30-2015
Alicia Ulysses Continuing Sessional Lecturer to 06-30-2015
Secretary of Senate (section 64 (2))back to top
Julia Eastman University Secretary
By invitationback to top
Jim Dunsdon Assoc. V.P. Students
Catherine Mateer Assoc. V.P. Academic Planning
Lauren Charlton Registrar
Cassbreea Dewis Acting Associate University Secretary
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