University Systems help centre

Dialing information

Use this guide to make local and long distance calls to and from UVic. Note that 10-digit dialing is required for all calls outside of the UVic campus.

Dialing from a UVic local

Call type What to dial
On-campus local Dial the last four digits (do not include the prefix 721-, 472-, or 853-).
Off-campus within Victoria area (Victoria, Sidney, Sooke) Dial 9 + area code + 7-digit number (note: the area code must be included on local calls).
Long distance within North America Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7-digit number (note: if the phone you are using requires an authorization code to process a long-distance phone call, please see below).
Long distance outside of North America Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city routing code + local number (note: if the phone you are using requires an authorization code to process a long-distance call, please see below).
Using an authorization code

From a VoIP phone: dial the number (as per the above instructions). The system plays 2 beeps to prompt you to enter the 6-digit authorization code followed by the # key.

From a Nortel phone: dial 16 + 6-digit authorization code, wait for the dial tone, then dial the number (as per the above instructions).

Directory assistance

If the number you require is not in current Victoria phone book, dial 9 + 411. or visit If the number you require is within North America (except area code 250), dial 9 + area code + 555-1212. If you do not know the area code or you are looking for an international number, contact the UVic Operator by dialing 0 (the operator will provide you with the information required; the actual call is to be direct dialed from your local).

Conference calls Contact or call extension 8555 .
Video conference calls Please contact Education Services at extension 7671.

Contacting the switchboard operator

The switchboard operator's primary focus is handling off-campus callers calling into the university. Switchboard operators are also pleased to assist with area code information, international directory assistance, and dialing problems. You can reach the switchboard operators by dialing 0 from your on-campus phone.

For UVic directory assistance, contact 250-721-7211 or dial 0 from an on-campus local. For assistance updating your phone number in your personal directory listing, visit Update your UVic directory listing.