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Department of Geography
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 2Y2

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Department of Geography
University of Victoria
David Turpin Bldg (Formerly Social Sciences and Math Bldg), Rm B203
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC, Canada V8P 5C2

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Office: DTB B203
Phone: 250-721-7327
Fax: 250-721-6216

Directory listing

Department of Geography

Department of Geography

Department of Geography
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building B203
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
Department of Geography
University of Victoria
DTB B203
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Rd)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Department of Geography
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Reception Janette DeLong 250-721-7327 DTB B203
Department Secretary Diane Braithwaite 250-721-7357 DTB B203
Undergraduate and Graduate Program Assistant Jeremy Bubiak 250-721-7350 DTB B203
Undergraduate Advisor Philip Wakefield 250-472-4269 DTB B202
FAX 250-721-6216
Chair Johannes Feddema 250-721-7325 DTB B203
Graduate Advisor Dennis Jelinski 250-472-4707 DTB B212
Administrative Officer John Fowler DTB B203b
Systems Analyst Richard Sykes 250-721-7361 DTB A250
Senior Lab Instructor Terri Evans 250-472-4750 DTB A241
Senior Lab Instructor Jessica Fitterer 250-472-5485 DTB A243
Senior Lab Instructor Kinga Menu
Senior Lab Supervisor Philip Wakefield 250-472-4269 DTB B302
Technical Services Ken Josephson DTB B209a
Map Collection 250-721-7356 LIB 154
Department Publications Diane Braithwaite 250-721-7357 DTB B203
Given Name Last Name Office Telephone E-mail
Maleea Acker
Rene Alfaro
Matthew Asplin
David Atkinson DTB B120 250-721-7332 (local: 7332)
Andrew Bateman
Bernard Bauer  
Sandra Birks
Barrie Bonsal DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Max Bothwell
Diane Braithwaite DTB B203 250-721-7357 (local: 7357)
Heather Bryan
Jeremy Bubiak DTB B203
Charles Burnett DTB
Rianna Burnham
Rosaline Canessa DTB A239 250-721-7339 (local: 7339)
Habib Chaudhury DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
John Clague DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Denise Cloutier DTB B360 250-853-3286 (local: 3286)
Maycira Costa DTB B126 250-721-7334 (local: 7334)
Bob Crabtree DTB B318
Stephen Cross DTB B324
Chris Darimont DTB B362 250-853-3287 (local: 3287)
Teresa Dawson DTB 316 250-853-386 (local: -386)
Philip Dearden DTB B358 250-721-7335 (local: 7335)
Janette DeLong
Michael Demuth  
Yonas Dibike DTB B130 250-363-8910
Anna Diederichs
Bruce Downie
Frank Duerden
Dave Duffus DTB B113a 250-721-7344 (local: 7344)
Colleen Dupont
Thomas Edwards DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Terri Evans DTB A241 250-472-4750 (local: 4750)
Shannon Fargey DTB B308 250-721-7342 (local: 7342)
Lauren Farmer
Johannes Feddema DTB B203 721-732-5
Colin Ferster
Kate Field
Cosmin Filipescu
Jessica Fitterer
Mark Flaherty DTB B352 250-721-7337 (local: 7337)
John Fowler DTB B203b 250-721-7326 (local: 7326)
Hugh French   250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Matt Fuller
Anna Galbraith
James Gardner DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Tazarve Gharajehdaghipoor
John Gibson   250-721-7341 (local: 7341)
Jim Gower DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Ann Greenwood DTB A235 250-853-3285 (local: 3285)
Michael Grilliot DTB B117 250-472-5136 (local: 5136)
Jutta Gutberlet DTB B312 250-472-4537 (local: 4537)
John Harper
Ellen Hines DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Shayesteh Jahanfar
Dennis Jelinski DTB B212 250-472-4707 (local: 4707)
Sophia Johannessen DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Laura Jokinen
Ken Josephson DTB B209
Vida Khalilian
Leslie King  
Karen Laberee DTB B203
Olav Lian  
Andy Mackinnon
Douglas Maynard DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Monica McIsaac
Lauren McWhinnie
Kinga Menu DTB B304 250-721-7346 (local: 7346)
Christina Miewald
Grant Murray DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Nathaniel Newlands
Brandi Newton
Olaf Niemann DTB A246 250-721-7329 (local: 7329)
Ian O'Connell DTB B214 250-721-7338 (local: 7338)
Patrick O'Hara   250-208-3244
Hayley O'Neil
Aleck Ostry DTB B314 250-721-7336 (local: 7336)
Cameron Owens DTB B210 250-721-7330 (local: 7330)
Paul Paquet
Christopher Pearce DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Daniel Peters DTB B128 250-858-5113
Michael Phillips DTB
Terry Prowse DTB B162 250-363-3067
Clifford Robinson DTB B203
Richard Rollins DTB B203
CindyAnn Rose-Redwood DTB B206 250-853-3274 (local: 3274)
Reuben Rose-Redwood DTB B354 250-721-7331 (local: 7331)
Randy Scharien DTB B122 250-853-3577 (local: 3577)
Mark Seemann   208-451-5
Eleanor Setton DTB B318 250-853-3819 (local: 3819)
Janis Shandro
Tara Sharma DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Pamela Shaw
Andrew Sheriff
Mahdi Shooshtari
Rajesh Shrestha DTB B154 250-363-8909
Kyle Siemens
Dan Smith DTB B123a 250-721-7328 (local: 7328)
Navi Smith
Simon Springer DTB B310 250-721-7340 (local: 7340)
Roger Stephen
Karyn Suchy CUN 202
Faraz Syed
Richard Sykes DTB A250 250-721-7361 (local: 7361)
Brian Szuster  
Aikaterini Tavri
Kevin Telmer BWC
Nancy Turner DTB B260 250-721-6124 (local: 6124)
Stephen Tyler DTB B203
Sayed Uddin DTB 323 250-721-7360 (local: 7360)
G. Cornelis van Kooten BEC 372 250-721-8539 (local: 8539)
Fabio Visintini COR B343
Brandon Wagar
Philip Wakefield DTB B302 250-472-4269 (local: 4269)
Pei-Ling Wang
Meghan Winters  
Frederick Wrona DTB B156 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)
Mike Wulder DTB B203
Yi Yi
Mark Zacharias DTB B203 250-721-7327 (local: 7327)