Field School

Preparing for success

At UVic, every student is immersed in dynamic learning that's fuelled by research-inspired insights and personal, hands-on experiences.

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Emily Lieuwen

Chemistry student wins the Provost Award

Aspiring veterinarian, chemistry student and soccer mid-fielder Emily Lieuwen was recognized for being the student-athlete with the highest GPA in 2015-16. Photo credit: 

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Fraser Hof, chemist

Buzz builds over beer chemistry collaboration

UVic chemist Fraser Hof is working with scientists at Phillips Brewing to improve commercial brewing processes. The collaboration aims to develop a method of identifying when yeast can no longer be reused.

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Caren Helbing, Molecular Biologist

A new method for early detection

Using eDNA, researchers can now take a scoop of water or soil and know with confidence whether an invasive species has been there. 

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Science Award Winners

2016 Science Awards

Each year UVic Science recognizes the outstanding contributions of faculty and staff. 

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Landon MacGillivray

Hands-on research opportunities pave a path to med school

“You gain a huge amount of problem-solving skills in research," says graduating undergraduate student Landon MacGillivray. "My instructors had high expectations of me; they encouraged me to work hard. I’ll carry that with me to med school.”

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From under the ocean to the stars above

From the atom to the universe, from the cell to the ecosystem, from the theoretical to the applied, the six units in UVic Science explore the reaches of modern science and mathematics. 

At UVic Science, we know that hands-on learning is key to understanding. So we strive to get our undergraduate students into a lab environment from the start. Our students benefit by learning from world-class researchers. Their lectures and labs provide our students with both disciplinary expertise and practical skills, allowing them to be successful wherever they go next.

Robert Lipson, Dean of Science