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Crossing Borders Interns Getting Ready to Go!

Ten UVic students will be leaving this summer for their internships with migration advocacy organizations in Asia

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Management and the New Demographic

Unleashing the Economic and Organizational Potential of Migrants,
Diaspora and a Boundaryless Workforce

Professional development workshop from Dr. Mary Yoko Brannen in Vancouver on August 8

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Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Tings Chak and Sandro Mezzadra were the keynote speakers at the June 2015 Migration & Late Capitalism conference

Migration & Late Capitalism Conference a great success!

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Natalia Yang was a CAPI intern in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Engagement, Experience and Employability

New international youth internship program accepting applications

Ten internship positions in Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines this fall. Applications due August 6th!

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UVic's window to the Pacific Rim

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives is located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The Centre conducts research on policy issues and builds relationships with universities and civil society organizations in the region. It holds international conferences and events and acts as a resource facility for the university and the wider community on this important and diverse part of the world. Read more.

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Koto expert, Satomi Edwards, performing at Women Crossing Borders – Gender and the Asia Pacific during IdeaFest 2015

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3 weeks ago
Management and the New Demographic: Un...
The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of mobility and migration, profoundly impacting firms, economies, and societies. Immigration has given rise to growing numbers of bicultural and multicultural members of the workforce who have special potential for today’s global firms and for ongoing...

Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI)

3 weeks ago

3E Program Parter: Welfare Association for the Rights of Bangladeshi Emigrants Development Foundation (http://www.warbe.org/content2.php?connect=64508) WARBE is a migration and development non-profit community-based organization. WARBE, founded by returnee migrants, aims to promote the rights, well-being and dignity of Bangladeshi migrants and their families at multiple levels. Program development at grassroots level focuses on empowerment programs, through awareness campaigns, community mobilization, skill-development training, advocacy initiatives, and information dissemination through media partners. Through engagement with local, national, and international platforms, WARBE aims to ensure migrants and their families are able to play an effective role in political discussions and decision-making processes.  One position with WARBE is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh http://www.warbe.org/content2.php?connect=64508)

Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI)

3 weeks ago

3E Program Partner: Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (http://www.rmmru.org/newsite/) RMMRU acts as a research, training and policy advocacy institution affiliated with the University of Dhaka. Mainly focusing on migration, refugee, displacement and governance-related issues in Bangladesh, RMMRU studies attempt to address the complexity of the different migratory patterns. Some examples of research topics RMMRU has been looking at include refugee flows both in and out of Bangladesh, long-term transnational migration, and short-term contract migration to the Gulf, South Asia, and South-East Asia. RMMRU’s research is also used to inform its advocacy initiatives, awareness campaigns and trainings. Two positions with RMMRU are available in Dhaka, Bangladesh http://www.rmmru.org/newsite/)

Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit |
Policy advocacy is an integral part of RMMRU’s approach to good governance in the migration sector. Throughout the past decade and a half, RMMRU has continuously worked to influence migration policy in Bangladesh.

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This month's featured Flickr photo was taken of former CAPI interns Adam Tran, Chandra Merry and George Benson during the World Social Forum on Migrations in the Philippines in 2013. View more photos on our Flickr space.

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