The Academic Calendar has a list of the wide range of courses that teach. Each year, we offer a subset of these.

This year we are offering the following courses:

Fall 2016

Number Name Instructor
LING505 Introduction to Phonology Suzanne Urbanczyk
LING573 Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research John Archibald
LING574 Seminar in Applied Linguistics Li-Shih Huang
LING596 Cross Cultural Communication Sandra Kirkham
LING602 Current Directions in Phonological Theory Suzanne Urbanczyk

Note: LING 505 and 602 will be taught concurrently.

Spring 2017

Number Name Instructor
LING500 Linguistic Field Methods Peter Jacobs
LING503 Introductino to Syntax Martha McGinnis
LING531 Researching Community-Based Initiatives in Language Revitalization Suzanne Urbanczyk
LING575 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics Hossein Nassaji
LING586 Sound Structures for Applied Linguistics Hua Lin
LING 595 Studies in Language and Gender Dave McKercher
LING601 Current Directions in Syntactic Theory Leslie Saxon

Note: LING 503 and 601 will be taught concurrently.