Department of Linguistics

Language revitalization community partnerships

Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization students in Yellowknife working through comparative vocabulary lists.

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Diverse areas of research

Sociolinguistics professor Alex D’Arcy explores evolution and ongoing development of English in Victoria.

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Conference delegates

Celebrating our department

Faculty members, students, and visitors come together at UVic to honour retiring professor John Esling.

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Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Saxon sharing stories

Sharing stories

Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Saxon share stories at the 2014 Craigdarroch award ceremony, where Dr. Leslie Saxon was honoured for her contributions to Indigenous language research and revitalization.

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Indigenous language documentation and research

Dr. Heather Bliss is selected as a finalist for the 2013 SSHRC Talent Award for her research on the Blackfoot language.

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Linguistics at UVic

Whether you are headed towards a career as a speech language pathologist, or wondering how to pronounce words in Kwak’wala, we have a place for you here!

I am incredibly pleased that the education and qualifications I have received have allowed me to travel and explore my passion for intercultural communication and education and I look forward to continue traveling, studying and working around the world." - Nyomi Ross, BA Applied Linguistics, 2012

Through our graduate and undergraduate programmes, you will learn about the structure of languages across the world, the way language is organized in our minds, how best to teach it, and so much more!

Overview video of the Linguistics department.