Language Courses: Greek and Latin 101

If you are taking a course in Greek and Roman civilization, myth or film.  You’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with many wonderful aspects of Greek and Roman culture, including the literature (epic, tragedy, comedy, philosophy, history) and maybe even some inscriptions on vases, statues, or other monuments.  

Why not learn how to read these ancient languages so that you can read for YOURSELF these great works?

The Department of Greek and Roman Studies is offering classes in beginning ancient Greek and Latin in 2017-2018.  Please join us!

Greek 101:     Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs         2.30-3.30

Latin 101:      Tues, Wed, Fri                   10.30-11.30 OR

                      Tues, Wed, Fri                   11.30-12.30 OR

                      Tues, Wed, Fri                    1.30-2.30