Greek and Roman Studies

Why study classics?

Some have argued that there are no practical reasons for studying classics, but they couldn't be more wrong. (Tower of the Winds, Athens)

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Roman Forum, Rome

Engaging undergraduate programs

Although one of the oldest of all university fields of study, Greek and Roman Studies is now enjoying a resurgence of popularity. (Roman Forum, Rome)

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Meet our faculty

Our department has a variety of faculty members from different backgrounds. (Delphi)

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Learn about our research

Take part in UVic’s research-inspired learning environment and you’ll learn from teachers who are at the forefront of discovery. (Humayma excavations, Jordan.)

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UVic in Greece program, Assos, Turkey

Study abroad

We offer two types of study abroad courses. (Assos, Turkey)

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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Research your future

Shape your future and advance your academic, professional and career goals with a graduate degree from UVic. (Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey)

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It all starts here!

Greek and Roman Studies is one of the most flexible and all-encompassing disciplines at the University of Victoria. Students combine the study of language, literature, history, and archaeology to better understand the ancient Mediterranean world, a time and place surprisingly similar to our own. For example, archaeological evidence and written sources show that people in the past struggled with issues related to technology, the environment, religious diversity and intolerance, and the role of the individual and the state.

Courses in our department help students demonstrate a control of language and the historical perspective useful in virtually any career. In the business world, employers increasingly state their desire to hire humanists who can think independently, conduct research, and express themselves clearly. And while a UVic degree in Greek and Roman Studies certainly better prepares students for professional lives as educators, public servants, doctors, investment bankers, or web designers, studying the Greek and Roman past will also make more thoughtful and articulate members of society.


We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Greek and Roman Studies (General, Major and Honours) and in Greek and Latin Language and Literature (Major and Honours). We also offer MA and PhD programs.

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Featured Course

GRS 326: Love, Sex, and the Body in the Ancient World

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