New article about using CourseSpaces for collaboration

Take a look at a new article published by our very own Mariel Miller and A. Hadwin!

Scripting and awareness tools for regulating collaborative learning: Changing the landscape of support in CSCL
M. Miller & A. F. Hadwin (2015). Computers in Human Behavior.

This conceptual paper addresses the need to design tools supporting regulation in computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). First, the important role of self-regulation, co-regulation, and shared-regulation in successful teamwork is addressed (Hadwin, Järvelä, & Miller, 2011; Järvelä & Hadwin, 2013). Second, this paper introduces ways in which two types of CSCL tools can be leveraged to support regulation: (a) Scripting tools that structure and sequence collaborative interactions, and (b) group awareness tools that collect, aggregate and reflect information back to learners. Examples drawn from a larger design-based research project are provided.