Ludum Dare 33

Please join VIATECH at Fort Techtoria (777 Fort St) on August 21 to 23 2015. This is an event for anyone who is interested in creating their own video games. The theme for the video games will be based upon a community-voted theme. This event is free for all participants and there is no age restriction. All participants are encouraged to bring their own computer with power cords.

August 21st, 6pm-9pm:
* Theme announcement
* Brainstorming
* Team formation.

August 22nd, 9am-9pm:
* Development (go go go!)

August 23rd, 9am-9pm:
* Finish development
* Demonstrations
* Upload to
* Party? :D

Event Rules
* Make games!
* Be excellent to each other; share the good vibes. :)
* No all-nighters. It's never worth it

For full schedule details, please click here.