First Images of Electron Beam at TRIUMF Seen With UVic Diagnostic System

The construction of an electron accelerator, as part of the ARIEL project at the TRIUMF laboratory, is now underway. This is a major undertaking, led by UVic and funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Government of British Columbia, with the ultimate goal to expand Canada’s capabilities to produce isotopes for physics and medicine. A prototype system for the initial section of the accelerator, the electron gun, has been set up at TRIUMF. A beam imaging system designed and built by VISPA group members captured the first pictures of the electron beam in mid-December. Additional sections for the accelerator “front-end” will be added in the coming months, including additional VISPA imaging systems for beam diagnostics. Ground breaking for the accelerator tunnel took place in November 2011 and the accelerator is scheduled for completion by March 2014.

Image of group at TRIUMF

Members of the team including UVic graduate students, Doug Storey and Jason Abernathy.

Contact: Dean Karlen