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Four muon event at ATLAS

Particle & Astroparticle phenomenology

Four muon event at ATLAS. Photo Credit: CERN

Black hole

Formal Theory

Black holes. Photo credit: ESO

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Department of Physics & Astronomy

Welcome to the Particle Theory Group at the University of Victoria

We are a group of faculty, postdocs and graduate students, conducting theoretical research addressing a variety of questions about fundamental physics. The current research foci of the group concern particle & astroparticle phenomenology and formal particle theory. Please see these links and individual faculty webpages for an overview of some of our research activities.

We're also members of the VISPA Research Centre, and interact with many particle experimentalists, astrophysicists and condensed matter physicisits in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Graduate studies - we welcome applications for graduate study in the group, which are reviewed in January and February each year. See the links below for details of the graduate program: