Dr. Paul Zehr 

Dr. Paul Zehr is a neuroscientist studying, among other things, how the nervous system controls the movements humans could make in their everyday lives. His passion for martial arts spurred his interest in science and on the path to kinesiology and neuroscience. Dr. Zehr’s research focuses on understanding neuromuscular plasticity; the ability of the human body to recover its activity after neurological traumas such as stroke. Read more

Dr. Patrick McGowan

Dr. Patrick McGowan envisioned the Chronic Disease Self-management Program BC about 35 years ago to help people living with chronic diseases and has been a strong force behind it ever since. Dr. McGowan points out how a person with any type of chronic condition only interacts with a health care professional for no more than five to ten hours per year, which is not enough time to learn to deal with something they have to live with, possibly for rest of their life. Read more

Dr. Ryan Rhodes

Dr. Rhodes is an exercise psychologist, a professor, and the Director of the Behavioural Medicine Lab (BMED) at the University of Victoria. With an intention to find ways to motivate people to be more active, he studies the psychology of physical activity and sedentary behavior. He is interested in determining the behavioral and psychological aspects of physical activity and population health. Read more

Dr. Morgan Price

Dr. Morgan Price is a family physician and practices in the inner city of Victoria with under-served populations. He completed his PhD in 2009 in Health Information Science, exploring improvements in continuity of care for end-of-life patients. He was the first lead faculty for informatics in the UBC Family Medicine Residency Program. Read more