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University Communications + Marketing with financial support from the Vice-President Research produces half page features to be published in Time Colonist with an intention to inform the local community about the impressive range and quality of research activity at the University of Victoria, and the societal relevance and impact of this research. The series known as knowlEDGE also emphasizes the critical linkage between research and teaching.

Click on the links below to read what knowlEDGE community has to say about our research affiliates. The Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of knowlEDGE, UVIC research adn University Communications + Marketing efforts and support in promoting institute's affiliates.

Denise Cloutier

Feeling like home - It's time for more "heart-centered" approaches to residential care for the elderly - by Jody Paterson, January 2018

Brian Christie

The unseen injury - Public awareness is essential to protect young athletes from the dangers of concussion - by Jody Paterson, June 2017

Scott Hofer

Detecting the earliest signs of dementia is the first step in finding ways to slow it down- by Kim Westad, September 2015

Holly Tukko

Enhanced safety and quality of life are goals of a Canada-wide study on older drivers-by Val Shore, September 2014

Maneesha Deckha

On behalf of animals — It's time to shift our thinking on the legal status of animals, says a UVic law scholar- by Peigi McGillivray, Jan 2012

Kelli Stajduhar

Easing the final journey — Strengthening support for end-of-life caregivers benefits the entire health care system- by Peigi McGillivray, March 2011

Peter Stephenson

A bitter pill to swallow — Taking too many medications may be putting your health at risk - by Peigi McGillivray, June 2010

Angela Downey

Health care at your fingertips — A new web-based tool empowers diabetes patients—and saves health care money.- by Peigi McGillivray, January 2010

Brian Christie

Exercise for your mind - A clear link between exercise and brain health holds promise for the treatment of neurological disorders- by Sheila Potter, November 2008

Ryan Rhodes

All in the family — Starting a family and staying fit shouldn’t be mutually exclusive- by Jessica Gillies, September 2008

Elaine Gallagher

Cities for seniors —UVic research helps Saanich lead the way to an age-friendly future- by Jessica Gillies, March 2008

Andre Kushniruk

Digital diagnosis —UVic research helps the health care sector cut down on paperwork- by Melanie Tromp, October 2007

Neena Chappell

Living with dementia — An ongoing study seeks ways to improve dementia care in British Columbia- by Valerie Shore, June 2006

Cecilia Benoit

Voices on the street — A UVic study leads to a better understanding of why some young people end up on the street- by Debbie Willis, March 2006

Holly Tuokko

Keeping you in the driver's seat — Ongoing studies investigate safety and fitness issues for seniors who drive- by Debbie Willis, Feburary 2005

Paul Zehr

Treading new paths for neurotrauma rehab- by Shannon McCallum, January 2004

Eric Sager

Tracking the elusive 'traditional family' - by Leah Pence and Monique Jacobs, September 2001

David Hultsch

Memory lapse: Should you worry?- by Patty Pitts, June 2001

Lynne Young

Reducing caregiver stress- by Patty Pitts, July 2000