Neena Chappell receives appointment to Order of Canada

Neena Chappell

Congratulations to Dr. Neena Chappell, Professor of Sociology and Insitute on Aging & Lifelong Health affiliate, for becoming a Member of the Order of Canada!

Shaping the field of gerontology in Canada

Chappel, who retired last month from UVic’s sociology department, was honoured for “her contributions to the study of social gerontology in Canada, notably for her influential research into caregiving, dementia care and healthy aging.”

“I have been privileged to have a meaningful and rewarding career,” says Chappell, “the Order of Canada is a bonus and truly an honour.”

Also over the weekend Chappell and co-author, Marcus Hollander’s op-ed “Rethink health-care policy for the elderly” was published in the Times Colonist. Chappell and Hollander detail a number of misconceptions about aging and the elderly that have shaped policy making in Canada for generations.

“We need to revisit conventional thinking on health-care for seniors so the system is sustainable for all Canadians,” says Chappell.

Chappell has spent her 30 plus career working in the field of aging and dementia. With over 300 published articles, numerous awards, distinctions and millions in research grants, Chappell has helped build and shape the field of gerontology in Canada. She has been the Canada Research Chair in Gerontology since 2001, President of the Canadian Association on Gerontology and president of Academy II (social sciences) of the Royal Society of Canada.

Chappell also established two world class university research centres on aging, one at the University of Manitoba, and the other at UVic (Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health), where she continues to conduct research.

(Article taken from UVic publication, the Ring (published July 6, 2016). Please go here to read the full article)