Statement about anti-Semitic posters

On the evening of Oct. 18 at about 10 p.m., Campus Security Services was informed that offensive posters were found displayed on several bulletin boards in the Cornett Building. Officers responded at once and found that students and a teaching assistant had already removed the posters, which were anti-Semitic.

Campus Security officers immediately conducted a search of buildings across campus. No further posters were located. We have not to date found any connection between this incident and any university group or member. Investigation into the matter continues. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Office of Equity & Human Rights (EQHR) or Campus Security Services.

The University of Victoria has a deep commitment to being a diverse and welcoming community. The university’s mission is to educate, create awareness and build a community where diversity and inclusion are fundamental values that we are all proud to uphold. We are profoundly disappointed that anyone would post offensive discriminatory material like this; at the same time, these incidents reinforce EQHR’s commitment to expanding and deepening our work.

We take incidents of racism, discrimination and harassment very seriously, and are committed to responding through the hard work of offices across campus and a suite of university policies that guide our response.

EQHR is partnering with offices and groups across campus to raise awareness and encourage dialogue about addressing the root causes of all forms of discrimination and racism in society.

As part of this effort, educational events are planned to further raise awareness, including, in spring 2018, Five Days of Action, a week-long series of forums and discussions to engage the campus in working together to create change. To find out how you can get involved, please contact us.

Cassbreea Dewis, acting director
Equity & Human Rights
University of Victoria

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