Social Dimensions of Health

SDH students at the annual Meet and Greet

SDH Director and some of our participating Faculty introduce the new cohort of students to fellow SDH students at the annual Meet and Greet

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Graduate Student Marion Selfridge’s dissertation research focuses on street-involved youth’s use of social media to deal with grief and loss.

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Graduate student research

SDH Doctoral Student Trudy Pauluth-Penner meets with a student during HS 200  office hours.  An opportunity for SDH students to TA during their SDH program.

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Innovation in interdisciplinary health research

The program centers on a unique training and research collaboration among the faculties of Social SciencesHumanitiesEducation, and Human and Social Development, enabling students to work and study with faculty members who are both excellent teachers and actively engaged in cutting-edge research.

The SDH program features few required courses, allowing students to pursue their research interests through colloquium participation and experiential learning. The SDH program fosters community-based approaches, evidence-based modeling and training in research skills, knowledge and methodologies.

Our students pursue programs of study leading to Master of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.