Devi Mucina

Devi Mucina
Director as of July 1, 2019

PhD (Toronto)

Office: HSD A260

Devi has two current research projects. His first research project, uses three distinctive continental locations, Africa, Turtle Island, (North America) and Oceania to investigate how Indigenous men's associations are nurturing men’s relational health and decolonizing masculinities. At the center of this research are questions about how Indigenous men’s associations are supporting Indigenous men to renew traditions grounded in holistic relational engagements while being grounded in decolonizing Indigenous men’s holistic wellness which is intimately connected with the wellness of intimate partners, families, communities, lands and bodies of waters. 

His other research explores the impact of parental and familial members’ incarceration on their children and questions the risk factors this creates for their future incarceration from an Indigenous intersectional theoretical framework.