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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for mobile devices

For FAQs relating to purchasing a mobile device, visit Technology Solutions Centre: Cell phones.

How do I order a cell phone through UVic?

Staff and faculty should visit the Technology Solutions Centre website for instructions on how to obtain a cell phone through our online supplier. You will need to login with a valid NetLink ID and password. You will also need a FAST code and PCard to complete an order.

Phones are available to demo at the UVic Voice Office, located in Clearihue C149. The UVic Voice Office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Who is eligible for a work cell phone through UVic?

Any staff or faculty member who has the approval of their department or faculty may ask to obtain a cell phone. This must be arranged through the department or faculty's administrative officer or manager. Also, someone with FAST signing authority within the department or faculty must approve the order before the request can be processed.

I have signing authority for a given budget. May I approve a cell phone for my use from that budget?

No. The university's Signing Authority Policy (FM5100) requires that you obtain approval from the next up in the chain of signing authority. This applies to all UVic employees.

Who should I contact if I want to change the FAST code that my phone bill is being charged to?

Email with details.

How can I see all the phones charged under my FAST code?

Departmental administrators can see all the phones charged under the FAST code(s) that they have signing authority for by visiting the Voice Services Charges Viewer.

When does UVic's billing period start and end?

It opens on the 15th and closes on the 16th.

Who is UVic's wireless phone provider and what is their coverage?

UVic's wireless provider is Bell Mobility, with Canadian Wireless Communications as the Bell-authorized retailer. For details on Bell's Canadian coverage, visit Bell's website. Bell covers all international countries except Burma and Sierra Leone. For details, visit Bell's website.

Will my name be displayed on the receiver's caller ID when I make a phone call?

No. Rogers is the only company that offers name display with their call display. The name will appear only if that name is saved in the user's phone book on their device. Otherwise, just your phone number will appear.

What data-capable devices (cell phones and tablets) does University Systems support?

University Systems recommends the use of the iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet for use by UVic faculty and staff. Android devices running version 4 and newer are also supported. While we are happy to assist with other mobile devices, please note that they are supported on a best-effort basis only. Microsoft ActiveSync (necessary for Exchange email and calendaring) is available on the iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile phones, and most Android devices. BlackBerry does not support Microsoft ActiveSync, which means that you won't be able to synchronize your UVic Exchange email and calendaring account with your BlackBerry. For this reason, University Systems does not recommend using a BlackBerry for work, nor is it officially supported by University Systems.

I will be travelling outside of Canada on business and will be using my UVic cell phone. What should I do?

Information about travelling outside of Canada using your UVic cell phone and available roaming packages can be found on the Canadian Wireless website.

What are the long distance rates for calls made from Victoria to outside North America?

Please see Bell's Mobility's international long distance rates.

Who should I contact for repair or replacement of a device?

If your phone is not under warranty, you can either visit the UVic Voice Office (CLE C149) or call Bell Mobility's data support centre at 1-877-DATA-123 (1-877-3282-123).

If you have an iPhone under warranty, phone Apple Support at 1-800-263-3394 and they will connect you to the Apple customer care designated for Bell to troubleshoot and will repair or replace the device as necessary. As per the process determined by Apple themselves, any problems with iPhones need to be dealt with by Apple directly. There is nothing that can be done to change this process; it does not matter if the phone is five minutes old or five years old.

If you have a non-Apple phone under warranty, phone Bell Tech Support at 1-877-328-2123. They will connect you to the appropriate customer care personnel. If the Bell representative says the phone needs to be replaced supply a ticket number. Provide that ticket number to along with a description of the phone issue(s). CWC will arrange for a loaner phone and will initiate the repair process.

Who should I contact if I have technical questions?

The Computer Help Desk can assist with questions related to UVic services (e.g. email and calendaring, wireless, remote access, etc.). For technical problems not supported by the Computer Help Desk, please phone Bell Mobility's data support centre at 1-877-DATA-123 (1-877-3282-123).

Who should I contact if I have billing questions?

Contact the UVic Voice Office at

Who should I contact if I want to make a change to my plan?

Contact the UVic Voice Office at The Voice Office can assist with hardware upgrades and terminations.