MA student John Murray with a microscope

MA student John Murray shows the results of a recent dig in Jordan that unearthed 250,000 year old stone tools.

PhD student Genevieve von Petzinger exploring a cave

PhD student Genevieve von Petzinger is a 2016 National Geographic Emerging Explorer for her work exploring the meaning behind the geometric symbols on cave walls.

Graduate student Bradley Clements with a notebook

Graduate student Bradley Clements works with Dr. Andrea Walsh to examine the significance of aboriginal children's art and its role in reconciliation and redress actions and movements.

Graduate studies in anthropology

UVic will give you an edge. It's a place where breakthroughs happen and changes emerge. Here, on the stunning west coast of Canada, we inspire new perspectives and form important connections with local communities.

Our dynamic graduate programs integrate anthropology's traditional subfields through themes that build on our research strengths. Unique cross-discipline collaborations enrich our work, and our discoveries and core seminars in these thematic areas provide a platform for graduate projects at both the MA and PhD levels.

  • Inequality, culture and health: Understanding the role of social inequality and cultural interpretations in shaping human experience and addressing pressing global issues.
  • Evolution and ecology: How humans and non-human primates relate to their environments over both short and long-term time scales.
  • Indigenous peoples: The colonial and post-colonial processes that have strongly shaped the history and experience of Indigenous people in Canada and around the world.
  • Visual anthropology and materiality: Human visual communication and the cultural effects of the production, circulation and consumption of images and objects.

Our state-of-the-art labs and facilities include the largest and most extensive comparative collection of animal skeletons in the Pacific Northwest, ethnographic mapping equipment, and dynamic and creative environments like the sound lab and the visual media lab.

MA program

Our two-year MA program offers students research and learning opportunities in our department's integrative research themes while grounding students in the research methods of their primary subfield (archaeological, biological or cultural anthropology).

PhD program

Our PhD program centres on integrative research themes intended to foster interdisciplinary dialogue around topics of pressing interest in contemporary anthropology and society.

Collaborative, community-based scholarship and a critical engagement with processes of knowledge production are centre pieces of our doctoral program.

Annual application deadline for our graduate programs is January 15 for Canadian residents and international applicants.

What are our faculty studying?

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