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Painting of Victoria, 1860

First Nations, Land, and James Douglas:

Indigenous and Treaty Rights in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia,1849-1864

February 24-26th 2017 - Songhees Wellness Centre - Victoria, B.C.

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Aaron Mills

Aaron Mills wins top Canadian research award

UVic Law PhD student Aaron Mills was awarded the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Talent Award for his work restoring changing and revitalized Indigenous systems of law.

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Vistas Winter 2016
JD Program

JD Program

UVic JD students are equipped to move the legal profession forward, together.

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Indigenous Law Graduation

Admissions – Indigenous category

The Faculty of Law is helping increase the number of people of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in the legal profession.

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University of Victoria Faculty of Law

1 week ago

Watch Val Napoleon on CBC News Montreal last night, co-teaching an intensive one-week course on Indigenous law to McGill Law students. The segment begins at the 15:11 mark.

CBC Montreal News January 10, 2017
The CBC Montreal News team brings you up-to-date with today's top stories
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University of Victoria Faculty of Law shared a link.

1 week ago
'We're at an historic moment': Indigen...
McGill University's law school is known for being a place where students learn both civil and common law traditions. But a new course for first-year students is expanding that legal horizon even further.

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John Borrows, Canadian Research Chair for Indigenous Law

Dr. John Borrows is the Canadian Research Chair for Indigenous Law and a professor with the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria. In this video, John discusses his research on Indigenous Peoples own laws.

Jeremy Webber, Dean of Law

Jeremy Webber is a constitutional lawyer, the Dean, and a professor at the University of Victoria. In this video he explains his work on issues of cultural difference, such as Aboriginal rights. He also discusses his work on issues of politics, nationhood, and language, and the common issues with which many nations struggle.

Prof. Maneesha Deckha on Animal Law

Professor Maneesha Deckha studies animal law and is a professor at the University of Victoria. In this video she explains that the laws that we have regarding animals are outdated, and do not reflect modern cultural norms and values. She also describes her research into our lacking animal cruelty laws.

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