Graduating students

In order to graduate, whether participating in the convocation ceremony or not, you must apply for graduation.

Undergraduate students

  • Bachelor degrees
  • Juris Doctor
  • Undergraduate diplomas and certificates

Graduation information

Graduate students

  • Master degrees
  • Doctor of Philosophy degrees
  • Graduate diplomas and

Graduation information

What is the difference between graduation and convocation?

Graduation refers to the awarding of your credential by the University of Victoria Senate. This takes place during the third week of May (Spring graduation) or October (Fall graduation). After Senate’s approval, you will be sent a confirmation email and your transcript will be updated with the notation that your credential has been granted.

Convocation refers to the ceremony at which you will be presented with your degree parchment (diploma). This takes place in June (Spring graduation) or November (Fall graduation), and attendance is optional. You will be emailed to register, or RSVP, for convocation approximately six weeks before the ceremony.