Warren Magnusson, political science, Winnipeg Free Press and Globe and Mail

(April 21, 2016) - A Canadian Press story about local politics and the "so-called star mayors who are entering municipal politics to champion an expanded role for cities" included an interview with Warren Magnusson: "Every mayor in Canada will tell you that they can walk down the street with any cabinet minister and probably the premier of their province, and it's the mayor that people on the street will stop to talk to." The story was picked up by Winnipeg Free Press and CityNewsWinnipeg Free Press (Source: CP)

'Third-class citizens': Cities seek power, demands rise

Magnusson was also quoted in a Canadian Press story about obstacles municipalities are facing to get funding for infrastructure and services: "It’s very difficult for municipalities—under the current fiscal regime, but also in terms of the kinds of legal powers they have—to do the things that are really necessary." The story was picked up by the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun and Metro NewsG&M (Source: CP)