Sybil Seitzinger, PICS and ES, receives honorary doctorate from Utrecht University

(March 30, 2016) - The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) congratulates its executive director, Dr. Sybil Seitzinger, on being awarded an honorary doctorate today from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Dr. Seitzinger was one of four recipients of honorary doctorates at an awards ceremony held in the Domkerk cathedral today (March 29).

The university said the doctorate has been given in recognition of Dr. Seitzinger’s research into the causes and consequences of climate change, in particular on life in coastal waters and freshwater.

Prior to joining PICS and the University of Victoria as a Professor in November 2015, Sybil Seitzinger was for many years the director of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which focuses on climate change.

Today’s award ceremony was part of the launch of Utrecht University’s 380th Anniversary celebrations that run for the next month.