Broadcast news

(September 6, 2016) - Broadcast news

Scott Macdonald (CARBC) spoke to local radio and TV media on Friday about a new CARBC report outlining twelve recommendations to the federal Marijuana Task Force.  Macdonald discussed the policy changes as opportunities to increase research into the benefits and harms of cannabis use, improve public education and labeling of products, and minimize criminal activity and profit. Co-author Lynne Belle-Isle (CARBC) also spoke to CBC Radio Canada's Boulevard du Pacifique about the report (in French).  CFAX  CHEK (starting at 3:37)  (CBC broadcast link not available)  UVicNews  CBC RC

Pascal Courty (Economics) spoke on CBC radio's national program Day 6 on Saturday for a primer on why it's so hard to get good concert tickets — and what people can do about it.  Day 6