Tree rings reveal worse droughts than previously thought

(May 5, 2016) - Bethany Coulthard, who just wrapped up her doctoral studies at UVic, was interviewed by the CBC News network for its Fort McMurray wildfire coverage, after a UVic announcement on the new study (co-authored by UVic geographer Dan Smith) on tree ring data and droughts. The Canadian Press posted a version of UVic's news and the Globe and Mail also interviewed Coulthard, with a story on the front-page of the BC section of today's paper.  CBC  G&M  VSun (Source: CP)  UVic News  Ring

Bethany Coulthard (Geography) was interviewed by CBC World Report, CBC Radio-Canada, CBC Victoria's All Points West, News 1130 in Vancouver and CFAX 1070 in Victoria about her tree ring research that shows the severity of droughts in BC will likely get worse in the coming decades. (The CBC report was heard at the top of the hour for national news this morning and is featured in the online article in the section above.)  UVic News

May 6, 2016 - Dan Smith (Geography) was interviewed by CHEK News yesterday about the report he co-authored with Bethany Coulthard on their tree-ring research on droughts.  CHEK (skip to 10:00)  UVic News