Aaron Devor on CBC TV Doc Zone

February 26, 2015 - Dr. Devor also spoke with the Times Colonist ahead of tonight's broadcast on CBC TV's Doc Zone of Transforming Gender. The article appears prominently in today's entertainment section: "While the founder of UVic’s Transgender Archives acknowledges it has relevance in medical and intimate situations, he says ideally your ID would not have to reveal your gender at all...He has more to say [in tonight's documentary]."  TC   #doczone  Tune in tonight

MP’s transgender-rights bill dealt a blow in Senate

Aaron Devor spoke with the Times Colonist's Amy Smart yesterday after news broke of the Senate's hearing on Bill C-279, which proposed amendments to include gender identity as a basis for hate-crimes protection. He says the point of the bill has now been "completely gutted." TC  UVic Expert