Research Scientist
Hydrologic and water quality modelling and assessment, hydro-climatic impacts, extremes
NSERC Visiting Fellow
Research Scientist - Watershed Hydrologist
Watershed hydrology, with expertise in field data collection, analysis and modelling
Research Technician
Research Scientist
Hydro-climate analysis and impact studies
Physical Scientist
Physical Scientist - Hydrologist
River-ice Break-up, Northern Hydrology
Professor / Research Chair / Senior Scientist
Climate impacts on hydrology and aquatic systems; circumpolar cold regions hydrology; river ice environmental effects, hydraulics, thermodynamics, mechanics

Off-site personnel

Department of Geography, UVic
Aquatic Ecology and Eco-Toxicology; Biostatistics and Quantitative Ecology; Integrated Monitoring Program Design and Application
Research Scientist
Effects of UV radiation on aquatic ecosystems; Nutrient dynamics in rivers; Algal and primary productivity in flowing water
Research Scientist
Synoptic climatology; Climate change; Canadian Prairie dry spells and droughts