Current students

MSc Candidate
PhD Candidate
PhD Candidate
MSc Candidate
Hydro-Chemical Analysis of Snowpack Mercury Concentration
MSc Candidate
Climate Change Effects on Water Storage in the Athabasca River Catchment

Former students

Name UVic
Thesis title and link Supervisor(s)
Christina Suzanne MSc, 2015 Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Non-Point Source Disturbances on the Structure and Function of Tributary Ecosystems in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region Dr. Fred Wrona (UVic Geography)
Ben Paquette-Struger MSc, 2015 Biogeochemistry, Limnology, and Ecology of Arctic Lakes Dr. Fred Wrona and Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Roxanne Ahmed MSc, 2015 Spatio-Temporal Variation in the Spring Freshet of Major Circumpolar Arctic River Systems Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Erika Hille MSc, 2014 The Effects of Shoreline Retrogressive Thaw Slumpint on the Hydrology and Geochemistry of Small Tundra Lake Catchments Dr. Daniel Peters (UVic Geography)
Hayley Linton MSc, 2014 Spatial and temporal variations in hydroclimatic variables affecting streamflow across western Canada Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Brandi Newton MSc, 2013 Evaluating the Distribution of Water Resources in Western Canada using a Synoptic Climatological Approach Dr. Terry Prowse and Dr. Barrie Bonsal (UVic Geography)
Rheannon Brooks MSc, 2012 Quantifying peak freshwater ice across the Northern Hemisphere using a regionally defined degree-day ice-growth model Dr. Terry Prowse and Dr. Ian O'Connell (UVic Geography)
Paul Moquin MSc, 2011 Effects of Shoreline Retrogressive Thermokarst Slumping on the Productivity and Food Web Structure of Upland Arctic Lakes - An Experiemental Approach Dr. Fred Wrona (UVic Geography)
Simon von de Wall MSc, 2011 An Assessment of the River Ice Break-up Season in Canada Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Megan Thompson PhD, 2009 The Impact of Permafrost Degradation on the Pelagic Water Chemistry and Biota of Small Tundra Lakes Dr. Fred Wrona and Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Scott Jackson MSc, 2009 Snow Ablation Pprocesses and Associated Atmospheric Conditions in a High-elevation Semi-arid Basin of Western Canada Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Holly Goulding MSc, 2008 Spatial and Temporal Patterns and Hydroclimatic Controls of River Ice Break-up in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Trisha Jarrett MSc, 2008 A Dendroclimatic Investigation of Moisture Variability and Drought in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Dr. Terry Prowse and Dr. Dan Smith (UVic Geography)
Patricia Mesquita MSc, 2008 Effects of Retrogressive Permafrost Thaw Slumping on Benthic Macrophyte and Invertebrate Communities of Upland Tundra Lakes Dr. Fred Wrona and Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Arelia Werner MSc, 2007 Seasonality of the Water Balance of the Sooke Reservoir, BC, Canada Dr. Terry Prowse and Dr. John Gibson (UVic Geography)
Laurent de Rham MSc, 2006 Spatial and Temporal Variations of River-ice Break-up, Mackenzie River Basin, Canada Dr. Terry Prowse (UVic Geography)
Katrina Bennett MSc, 2006 Regional Hydrologic Controls on Acid Sensitivity of lakes in Boreal Canada: An Isotopic Perspective Dr. Terry Prowse and Dr. John Gibson (UVic Geography)