Canada and Southeast Asia: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities

November 09, 2017
03:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Fraser Building, Room 150, UVic

poster for CAPI roundtable on Canada-Southeast Asia relations

Canada and Southeast Asia: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities

A Roundtable Discussion

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and for several decades Canada has taken a keen interest. But the region is not without its challenges, which Canadian businesses and diplomatic representatives continue to navigate. This session will examine Canada’s current opportunities and challenges in the region, including trade, investment, and human rights. It will discuss key questions, including what are the prospects for a Canada-ASEAN free trade agreement? How do NAFTA discussions affect Canada’s relationship with Southeast Asia? What are the opportunities for Canada, and how should Canada respond? Does Canada have the human capacity to engage with Southeast Asia? What are the geopolitical and human rights challenges of engaging with ASEAN? How should Canada balance its engagement with Southeast Asia and its commitment to human rights and social responsibility?


  • Marie-Louise Hannan, Ambassador of Canada to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (via video link)
  • Hugh Stephens, Distinguished Fellow with the Asia Pacific Foundation and Principal at Trans-Pacific Connections; CAPI Associate
  • Jim Boutilier, Special Advisor on Asia-Pacific, Maritime Forces Pacific; CAPI Associate
  • Dominique Spragg, VP Strategic Planning, Viking Air
  • Andrew Doherty, Canada Director, Canada-ASEAN Business Council
  • Kai Ostwald, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs & the Department of Political Science, and Faculty Associate at the Institute of Asian Research, UBC
  • Robyn Fila, International Programs Manager, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives, University of Victoria
  • Thanh Phan, PhD Candidate in Law & Society, Faculty of Law, and CIGI Doctoral Fellow, University of Victoria
  • Theressa Etmanski, LLM Candidate in Law & Society, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria


  • Phil Calvert, CAPI Senior Research Fellow and former Canadian Ambassador to Thailand
  • Victor V. Ramraj, CAPI Director and Chair in Asia-Pacific Legal Relations and Professor of Law, University of Victoria
Jonathan Woods