Keynote Presentation with Dr Jyoti Sanghera

May 16, 2017
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM
David Lam Auditorium

Dr. Jyoti Sanghera,

Chief, Asia Pacific Section, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva 

16 May - 7:30pm
David Lam Auditorium 
CARFMS Keynote Presentation 

Open to the public - no registration required for keynote presentations 

Dying to Live
Dispossession, eviction and precarity are the leitmotif of neoliberalism. How is the global migrant the chosen protagonist today for showcasing this leitmotif through spectacular suffering? How is the embodied experience of dispossession and perishability to be understood? Where does agency and subjectivity reside when lives are rendered disposable and the fateful struggle to live could literally mean dying? Has history done a full circle with markets today trading in enslaved migrants or are we in the throes of a ‘hyperobject’ - something beyond our ken? How does the migrant speak to create counter discourses against modernity and a counter allegorical episteme? What is the value if any, of definitionally dismembering people who move  into categories of refugees, smuggled, trafficked, economic migrants, etc? Whose interest does it serve to construct a hierarchy of migrants along a ladder of the more deserving and the less deserving? 

The keynote presentation will focus on these and other questions to grapple with the current state of play regarding the several frames which trap the lives of migrants, globally. It will examine the legal and policy gaps in the context of large and mixed movements of people in vulnerable situations and discuss how walls, fences, and incarceration are deployed as tools of governance and legality in response to the “migration crises.” The presentation will also reflect on the meaning of a rights based perspective to migration whilst recognising that the ‘other’ is included invariably through the lens of a liberal imaginary within this discourse and the ‘other’ or the native subject is always the lesser human or the sub human to be either saved or warehoused and obliterated. 

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