ONC featured as global leader in World Ocean Council docuseries


Ocean Networks Canada deploys the Liquid Robotics wave glider, a GPS-equipped autonomous floating platform that collects oceanographic data–part of ONC’s pioneering seafloor geodesy monitoring system, the largest in North America. Credit: Ocean Exploration Trust

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is one of 30 pioneers and change ambassadors who are featured in a global docuseries for charting new paths towards a healthy and sustainable ocean. The nine-minute film will go live on World Ocean Day, June 8.

Ocean Titans is an official World Ocean Council series that is hosted and distributed by Reuters internationally. With a focus on the ocean dimension of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (UN SDGs), the series invites business leaders to share their vision, actions and solutions for ocean stewardship and a sustainable blue economy during the current UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030).

Watch the film now:

“Being recognized as an Ocean Titan is a credit to all ONC staff, from the scientists, engineers and data specialists, through to the mavericks who first thought of permanently installing sensors in the ocean,” says Kate Moran, president and chief executive officer of ONC, a University of Victoria initiative.

“Within a span of 17 years Ocean Networks Canada has become a powerhouse in ocean discovery and technical innovation, providing globally accessible data from the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic coasts of Canada. This data is being used to advance climate change solutions, maritime and coastal communities’ safety, Indigenous leadership and a sustainable ocean-and-planet future.”

—Kate Moran, president and chief executive officer of ONC

The episode dedicated to ONC takes viewers below the surface–at depths of up to 2.6 kilometres–where data are collected by its cabled, mobile and community-led networks.

Join ONC’s engineers, scientists and Indigenous community liaison who share how ocean data are transforming our lives; from how we can better prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis on the Pacific coast, to measuring the impact of climate change on the ocean. Learn about ONC’s commitment to Indigenous Peoples’ coastal leadership and to “multiple ways of knowing'' as the pathway to comprehensive ocean observation.

Also meet users of ONC data, including a physicist in Germany who is tracking cosmic neutrino particles, the smallest building blocks of matter, via instruments deep in the Pacific Ocean that are powered and monitored by ONC’s NEPTUNE observatory.

In a statement, the World Ocean Council said that it is important to recognize that in our interconnected ocean, the impact of one company or industry is not enough to address the growing use of our precious resources. That's why the Ocean Network Canada has been invited to join this collaborative effort, as they share these same values and are working to promote a sustainable economy.

The Ocean Titan series will run throughout the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) with 30 films to be released this year that highlight ocean businesses that are committed to sustainable practices and collaboration.

High resolution video clips and images are available on Google Drive.


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