Working to end transphobia

The University of Victoria strives to make campus a safe and inclusive space for all. Despite our efforts, transphobia is an ongoing issue at our university, and anti-trans signage was recently posted on campus.

We take this very seriously. We will investigate incidents when they occur on our campus and do everything we can to respond and prevent them from reoccurring, including consequences for those responsible.

We recognize that UVic has not always been supportive of trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary members of the campus community. Much more work must be done to ensure that transphobic and transantagonistic communications and activities, verbal, printed or otherwise are not tolerated at UVic. 

Our campus should and must represent the diversity of our larger communities and every person—student, staff and faculty—should be treated equitably. As such, we expect all members of the UVic community to contribute to an inclusive and welcoming environment and to treat one another with respect.

In addition, we are actively working across the institution to make UVic more safe and inclusive of our valued trans members. We will prioritize this work in 2022 and are committed to hearing from and working with UVic students, staff and faculty on these issues.

Watch UVic social media for upcoming opportunities to join the community conversation. 

Reporting and supports

If you are aware of any incidents of problematic posters or materials, report them immediately to Campus Security at 250-721-7599.

If you experience discriminatory harm yourself, or witness someone else facing discrimination on our campus, contact the Equity and Human Rights Office at

If you are seeking support, don’t hesitate to reach out to SupportConnect, UVic’s free, confidential mental health support for students. The Student Wellness Centre is also open for in-person appointments.