In memoriam: Dr. Harbindar Sanghara


In memoriam: Dr. Harbindar Sanghara


We note with great sadness and respect the passing of Dr. Harbindar Sanghara, a valued member of the Humanities community who taught in the Department of English and the more-recently created Academic and Technical Writing Program for 34 years.

Over the last three decades, Harb has taught more than a dozen different courses, ranging from introductory composition and literature courses to senior level courses in English Romanticism.

Described as a model of personal and professional integrity, he educated his students with skill, devotion, and compassion. Those who shared his classroom soon realized how fortunate they were to have such a tireless champion on their side.

Harb’s work in English and the Academic and Technical Writing Program enabled him to introduce hundreds of students to the joys of literature and teach them how to write with clarity and assurance – gifts Harb intended to serve them in university and beyond.

As Harb’s colleagues, we were fortunate as well. We learned how to improve from his quietly expressed concerns for the welfare of stressed out students and for young instructors trying to make a living as sessional instructors. We learned from the warm and loving relationship he had with his children, who when small were often seen, sometimes playing, sometimes studying, in his office while he marked papers. We enjoyed the benefits of his wisdom, generosity, and unfailing good cheer.

Harb walked on campus with courage and positivity, confiding in more than one colleague that his love of literature, teaching, his family, and life itself sustained him.

His contribution to the university community and, in particular, to our departments, was and will continue to be a source of inspiration for us all.

By Andrew Murray, Samuel Wong, Brock MacLeod and Monika Smith on behalf of the Department of English, Academic and Technical Writing Program, and Faculty of Humanities.

sanghara-group.jpgSanghara at the centre of a group photo for UVic's 2018 Long Service Recognition reception.
Left to right: Lisa Surridge, Margaret Cameron, Monika Smith, Annalee Lepp, Sheila Burgar, Harbindar Sanghara, Amelia Santos, Cody Poulton, and Chris Goto-Jones.


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