Board of Governors approves UVic Strategic Framework

The Board of Governors approved the UVic Strategic Framework 2018-2023 on May 29. This important institutional document articulates our shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities. It serves as a guide to the future—setting out priorities and high-reaching goals in six key areas:

  • Cultivate an extraordinary academic environment
  • Advance research excellence and impact
  • Intensify dynamic learning
  • Foster respect and reconciliation
  • Promote sustainable futures
  • Engage locally and globally

“The Strategic Framework positions and inspires us to apply our commitment to excellence in research and creative activity, teaching, service and engagement to serve students, communities and the world,” says UVic President Jamie Cassels. “Thank you to all those who participated in this important process.”

To download a copy of the framework, please visit Stay tuned for a formal launch of the framework in September at the President’s Campus Update.


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