New "2+2" international degree program in economics

Social Sciences

- Anne MacLaurin

Students study abroad for all sorts of reasons—to gain cultural experiences or expand their personal views, for instance—and for some it will be to study economics at UVic. On campus, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosts the largest number of international students according to UVic’s new International Plan, and last month, Dean of Social Sciences Catherine Krull, in the spirit of fostering collaboration and global engagement, travelled to China along with UVic VP External Relations Carmen Charette and student recruitment director Carolyn Russell to sign a third partnership agreement with Soochow University.

“Soochow University is a critical Chinese partner for UVic and I am delighted that our deepened partnership now crosses three faculties at UVic," says Krull. "Their students rank very high in our courses; clearly Soochow University is preparing students well for studies abroad. International students studying in our community allow for an exchange of ideas across cultures and contribute to our local region.”

The new agreement allows Soochow University students who complete two years of study in Suzhou and then transfer to UVic’s economics program for the remaining two years to receive a double degree in economics from both Soochow University and UVic.

The visit to Victoria’s Twin City Suzhou was part of an eight-day mission led by Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps along with 18 delegates including UVic officials, with a goal of exporting innovation and furthering tourism and educational opportunities between Victoria and its twin city. This is the third “2+2” agreement between UVic and Soochow University; the first is in business, the second in chemistry.

UVic launched a new International Plan this month to further enhance our global commitment in this era of heightened connectivity, complex geopolitics and increased international collaboration. Read the plan (PDF)


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