Grow your skills as a United Way representative

UVic is inviting applications from across campus to select a staff member who is interested in assisting with the Greater Victoria United Way fundraising campaign this fall as UVic’s “loaned representative” to the 2015 campaign.


The secondment is open to all UVic employee groups. Departmental approval (verbal) is required on application. Please check the Human Resources website for the full job description and carefully consider the requirements of the position (duties, responsibilities, qualifications—including driver’s license and vehicle). Applications should include contact details of the supervisor or manager providing departmental approval (relevant budget authorization required). Applications should be sent to Joy Davis, Director, or Sandra Crowe, Administrative Coordinator, Community Relations via email ( and no later than June 4. The successful candidate will be selected by a committee comprised of UVic and United Way representatives.


Any parties requiring additional information should contact Joy Davis, Director, or Sandra Crowe, Administrative Coordinator, in Community Relations at or by telephone at (250) 472-5048.

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