ONECard, one question, two contest winners

In the inaugural Campus Checklist newsletter on Sept. 16, we asked faculty and staff to tell us "what's the one thing every new UVic student ought to know that would best improve their experience or support academic success?" We received lots of great responses, and two winners were randomly selected from the 72 submissions for two $100 prizes, loaded onto ONECards.

Congratulations to our winners:

  • Mary Lesperance (faculty)
  • Maureen Nelms (staff)

Thank you to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for more contests in upcoming Campus Checklist newsletters.

Featured responses

We had some students pick their favourite responses and create a BuzzFeed article.

Or, read these great responses:

"Have reasonable expectations. If your expectations are met you'll be happy. If your expectations are exceeded you'll be REALLY happy."—Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

"You are here for more than just your studies. Step out of your comfort zone and get involved. Being part of an engaged community will make you a better student, open you up to a diversity of perspectives and will enrich your experiences of UVic. Your fellow students will be among the most interesting, creative, and provocative individuals you will ever encounter. The conversations and interactions you have in academic, clubs, social, recreational and residential settings will challenge you and shift the way you see yourself in the world."—Equity and Human Rights Office

"Faculty don't bite!"—Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

"We're all passionate about something, some of us just don't know what it is yet. [UVic] is the perfect place to explore, welcome new experiences, immerse ourselves in our classes, and find what we're truly passionate about. . . . Your first year is a time to stretch your mind, expand your reach, take the experiences and opportunities UVic has to offer find what you love! It makes classes more rewarding, homework more enjoyable, and your overall experience more meaningful!"—Department of Biology

"When studying for tests, study with someone who needs more help than you do. Their questions that you can answer will reinforce what you know, build your confidence and help identify areas you should focus your own studying on."—Division of Medical Sciences

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