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The University of Victoria Retirees Association and the Centre on Aging—with support from the university—present a series of four free lectures as part of the Masterminds 2013 series in April and May. On April 10, Dr. Ed Ishiguro will discuss “Probiotics for Better Health: Time to Switch Gears;” on April 17, Dr. Howie Wenger will speak on “Gearing Up For High Performance: The Athlete’s Quest;” on April 24, Dr. Reg Mitchell will talk about “Using Chemistry to Enhance Our Bodies: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly;” and on May 1, Juliana Saxton will speak on “An Unusual Job for a Lady: The Intriguing Role of an Orator.” All lectures are at 7 p.m. in the Hickman Building, room 105. Registration: 250-721-6369 or senage@uvic.ca More info: www.uvic.ca/masterminds

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Keywords: aging, research, health

People: Ed Ishiguro, Howie Wenger, Reg Mitchell, Juliana Saxton

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