Humanities Computing and Media Centre—From Book of Kells to the ebook


- Tara Sharpe

Digital humanities projects at UVic have received invaluable support since 2000 from UVic's Humanities Computing and Media Centre. The HCMC has assisted with, among others, the hugely popular Internet Shakespearean Editions; the constantly enriched Map of Early Modern London; the award-winning Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History site serving as a "cold squad" research training site; and The Governor's Letters archive of colonial correspondence between BC and London.

Dr. Elizabeth Grove-White (English) is chief editor of UVic's Robert Graves diary project and believes the Modernist Versions Project and other digital humanist projects are helping "change our ideas about books. This is an exciting time-turning the page from the Book of Kells to the ebook and practically reinventing the printing press in digital form."

For the unpublished Graves diary, she says "ordinary people, historians and social demographers need only punch in a date and see diary entries for that day."

Le Mariage sous L'Ancien R&e#180;gime, led by researcher Claire Carlin (French) and including HCMC lead programmer Martin Holmes, is a virtual anthology of images and texts including satires, fictional works and medical documents about marriage in 16th and 17th century France, and serves as a digital scholarly edition about marriage in the early modern era.

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