Law Centre Sharing Space With New Justice Access Centre

The Law Centre’s new location sharing space with the newly created Victoria Justice Access Centre in the Victoria courthouse will vastly improve access to justice in the city.

“The Law Centre is one of the University of Victoria’s most important and long-standing programs. It provides legal assistance to some of Victoria's neediest citizens at the same time as giving law students a stellar educational experience,” says Donna Greschner, dean of UVic’s faculty of law.

Construction of the $1.5-million Justice Access Centre (JAC) in the former land titles office will begin in November and it is expected to open in the fall of 2013. It will provide a central place for people with family and civil law problems to get help and better understand the justice system.

Greschner emphasized that there are significant benefits in moving adjacent to the courthouse and sharing a home with the new JAC, the third of its kind in BC.

“The Justice Access Centre is a critical milestone in improving access to justice in BC. Its co-location with the Law Centre will enhance legal services to the people of Victoria,” Greschner says. “People will be able to come to one place for a variety of legal services, those offered by JAC and those offered by the Law Centre.”

The Law Centre, operated by the Faculty of Law since 1977, provides legal advice, assistance and representation to clients who cannot afford a lawyer. Law students work at the centre under the supervision of law professors, and with local lawyers who serve as their principals. It is currently located at 1221 Broad St. in downtown Victoria.

“Situating the Law Centre in the Courthouse will greatly enhance learning opportunities for Law Centre students and will allow staff and students to serve Law Centre clients much more effectively,” says Glenn Gallins, clinical director.

The Law Centre helps almost 2,000 clients annually with criminal matters, divorce and other family law matters, human rights complaints and civil disputes. It represents clients in hearings before administrative tribunals dealing with matters such as employment insurance, welfare, landlord and tenant disputes, and the Canada Pension Plan. Over 1,400 students have participated in the program.

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