Terry Glavin on fact, fiction and Afghanistan

When it comes to his experiences in Afghanistan, acclaimed writer Terry Glavin is characteristically blunt. “In my own working life, I have never encountered such a deep and dark gulf between the real world and the way that world, and the war there, appears in the media.” The winner of more than a dozen literary and journalism awards, Glavin has been hailed as “one of the finest journalists writing anywhere in the English language.” As UVic’s fifth annual Harvey Stevenson Southam Lecturer in Journalism and Nonfiction, Glavin will explore our need to understand the world through narratives, discuss the enduring value of true stories and launch his seventh book, Come From the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan, at a free public lecture, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. in room A240 of the Human & Social Development Building.

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