Backgrounder: UVic Opens New Community-Based Research Office

Common Energy
A network of students, faculty, staff and regional partners working together to create local solutions to climate change. Launched by UVic students in 2006, it seeks to integrate BC universities and colleges into community-based initiatives to create sustainable cities and regions. For more information visit
Jamie Biggar and Naomi Devine (Common Energy) at 250-472-4637
Maggie Baynham (Sierra Youth Coalition) at 778-554-2425 or

Traditional Pathways to Health
A community-based project that brings together Aboriginal students and their teachers with university researchers to develop educational materials on health and wellness. To date, more than 40 student videos have been created. Video topics include drugs and alcohol use, drinking and driving, diabetes, depression, sports, culture, dancing and singing.
Michele Tanaka (postdoc, UVic Curriculum and Instruction) at 250-721-4186 or

University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team (UVATT)
Faculty, students, staff and community volunteers with UVATT work with organizations and individuals in the community to develop and deliver technology, devices and services to people with special needs in the Victoria region and beyond. To date, more than 75 technologies have been developed. All projects are taken on in response to requests from the community. For more information, visit
Dr. Nigel Livingston (UVATT) at 250-721-7121 or
Bev Kissinger (Community Living Victoria) at 477-7231 or


A grassroots network committed to promoting the needs of racialized minority and Aboriginal girls and women in Greater Victoria. The network grew out of a research grant awarded to Dr. Jo-Anne Lee in UVic’s Department of Women’s Studies. Anti-dote promotes community development and social change by placing decision-making and planning in the hands of those who will be directly involved and affected. For more information, visit
Dr. Jo-Anne Lee (UVic Women’s Studies) at 250-472-4278 or

Chemainus Biodiversity Education Project
A pilot collaboration between UVic and individuals, organizations and businesses in the Chemainus area interested in fostering an awareness of local biodiversity, and the connections between community and ecosystem health. The project includes field activities and the development of educational materials for local schools and citizens. For more information visit
Dr. Kelly Bannister (UVic Environmental Studies) at 250-472-5016 or
Kathy Wachs (Chemainus) at 250-416-0382 or

Green Map

UVic geographers and social work students partnered with the Common Ground Community Mapping Project and Green Map System International to produce Victoria’s first Community Green Map. Published in 2004, it features more than 400 listings of the built and natural environment in Victoria and has spawned more map initiatives. All map-making uses community-based research methods.
Dr. Peter Keller (Dean, UVic Social Sciences) at 250-472-5058 or
Dr. Charles Burnett (Common Ground) at 250-858-6277 or

Denied Assistance: Closing the Front Door on Welfare in BC
A 2006 study led by the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG) at UVic, in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and UVic researcher Dr. Marge Reitsma-Street, determined that BC’s welfare application system is not working—it discourages, delays and denies people who need help. Since then, the study’s findings have been effectively integrated into the work of advocate groups and coalitions, and into government policy debates.
Bruce Wallace (VIPIRG) at 250-721-8629 or

Victoria Street Women’s Art Project
An arts-based research and knowledge mobilization project that brought together a group of street-involved women to explore inter-related issues of violence, health and homelessness through the creative arts. The project, a partnership between Our Place Society and UVic education researcher Dr. Darlene Clover, involved the creation of individual and collective artworks, interviews, focus groups, journalling and the curation of three public art exhibits.
Dr. Darlene Clover (UVic Leadership Studies) at 250-721-7816 or
Corinna Craig (Our Place Society) at 250-388-0343 or
Haida Nation and the UVic Environmental Law Clinic

The Council of the Haida Nation and UVic’s Environmental Law Clinic (ELC) recently won a case opposing logging in the Deena old growth watershed on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Working closely with the Haida, ELC student Alison Luke stressed the cultural values of the watershed, an area that is an important source of Haida food, medicine, cedar and other materials used for cultural practices. Her submission also detailed the serious ecological impacts that would result from further logging in the area.
Holly Pattison (ELC) at 250-721-8188 or
Sonia Edgars (Haida Nation) 250-626-6058
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