UVic Experts Available For Federal Election Analysis

The following University of Victoria faculty members are available to discuss different aspects of the federal election campaign:

Prof. John Borrows (Law) is the Law Foundation Chair in Aboriginal Justice and Governance. He is willing to discuss the lack of focus in the campaign so far on Aboriginal issues such as the $5 billion first ministers commitment to Aboriginal health, education and economic development and the federal pledge of $4 billion to compensate those who suffered in residential schools. Borrows can also address the implications that a change in government might have in addressing Aboriginal concerns. (250) 721-8167 or jborrows@uvic.ca

Dr. James Lawson (Political Science) works on issues related to Canadian politics and environmental/natural resource policy. He is willing to discuss topics concerning the environment, forest issues and political reform. 721-7496 or lawsonj@uvic.ca

Dr. Colin MacLeod (Law and Philosophy) conducts research in democratic ethics and democratic theory and examines the responsibilities of the various groups that make up a democratic society—citizens, politicians, political strategists and the media. He’s willing to discuss how well Canada's democratic values are being served by these groups during the current campaign. (250) 721-7521 or cmacleod@uvic.ca

Dr. Andrew Preston (History) is willing to discuss Canadian-American relations from a historical point of view. He is currently the Olin Fellow, International Security Studies and a visiting professor of international relations at Yale University but can be reached at (203) 432-9340 or apreston@uvic.ca

Prof. Jeremy Webber (Law) holds the Canada Research Chair in Law and Society. His work deals extensively with Canadian constitutional law and politics, especially with issues of national identity, culture and language, federal-provincial relations, Quebec, the Charter, and Aboriginal rights. While a professor of law at McGill University from 1987 to 1998, he commented extensively on constitutional reform, the 1995 Quebec referendum, and Quebec and national issues generally. (250) 721-8154 or jwebber@law.uvic.ca

Dr. Jeremy Wilson (Political Science) teaches Canadian public policy, and currently does his research on environmental politics. He has written about media coverage of campaigns and polling methodology. He can be reached at jwilson@uvic.ca.

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p Connell (Social Sciences Communications) at (250) 472-4496 or sconnell@uvic.ca

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