Expert commentary on BC's Climate Action Plan

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Forests are an important part of our sustainable future.

The following University of Victoria experts are available to media to discuss the BC government’s new climate action plan:

Sybil Seitzinger is the executive director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, a collaboration of BC’s four research intensive universities, hosted and led by the University of Victoria. Seitzinger is also a member of the BC Climate Solutions and Clean Growth Advisory Council, which has provided expert advice to the BC Government in the development of its new climate strategy. She can comment on BC’s new strategy and also draw in wider issues including the need to give equal attention to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In particular, she can discuss adaptation especially as it relates to communities and the economy, and the need to prepare Canadian businesses, jobs and markets to be part of the emerging low carbon economy. (Seitzinger can be contacted through  or at 250-853-3626 or 250-588-4053.)

Astrid Brousselle is the director of the School of Public Administration. Her main expertise is the evaluation of theories and methods and in healthcare system analysis. She is particularly interested in contributing to the building of more sustainable and equitable societies. (Office at 250-721-8084 or email at .)

Johan Feddema is the chair of the Department of Geography. He studies the interactions between human activity and the earth to produce climate models that will help society adapt to climate change. He can speak about the human impact on the Earth’s surface and the consequences of these actions on the environment. (Email at .)

Lynda Gagne is an assistant professor with the School of Public Administration. Her research interests include cost-benefit analysis of environmental investments, environmental epidemiology, public sector financial management, and public finance. (Office at 250-721-8063 or email at .)

Robert Gifford is an expert in environmental psychology and the barriers to sustainable behavior in the Department of Psychology/School of Environmental Studies. He can discuss what it will take to change human behavior in relation to climate change—“the dragons of inaction”—the reasons why people don’t do more to prevent climate change. (Office at 250-721-7532 or email at .)

Budd Hall is a professor emeritus with the School of Public Administration and co-chair of the UNESCO Chair in Community Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education. His research interests include social responsibility of higher education, knowledge democracy, social movement learning and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (Office at 250-721-8062 or email at .)


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