Experts on US Capitol riots and presidential transition

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US Capitol building. Photo credit: Pixabay

The following University of Victoria experts are available to media to provide commentary on the riots on the US Capitol and the affirmation of president-elect Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 election: 

Janni Aragon (Gender Studies/Technology & Society) is an expat American whose areas of expertise include gender, race, politics and social media. (Email at

Jason Colby (History) is an expat American whose areas of expertise include US election history, race and politics, traditions of liberal democracy and foreign relations. (Email at

Will Greaves (Political Science) is an expert in international relations. He can comment on how the new Biden administration will impact Canada-US relations as well as the policies related to climate change and the energy sector, and the impact on Indigenous Peoples. (Email at ) 

Edwin Hodge (Sociology) is an expert in the areas of social movement theory, gender theory and political sociology. He can comment on right-wing and traditionalist social movements, extremism and white supremacist activism in North American societies. (Email at )  

Oliver Schmidtke (Centre for Global Studies/History/Political Science) is an expert in international politics, populism and democracy. He can comment on the US election and challenges to democracy associated with the rise of nationalist populism in the US and Europe. (Email at 


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Anne MacLaurin (Social Sciences Communications) at 250-217-4259 or

Suzanne Ahearne (University Communications + Marketing) at 250-721-6139 or

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