Centres and special projects

Gustavson dean Saul Klein presents findings from the Gustavson Brand Trust Index to Victoria's business community

We’re proud to champion and collaborate on a number of projects that drive positive change – in business, society and communities.

Integrating sustainability and social responsibility 


The Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation champions sustainability at Gustavson – from helping professors with relevant course content to encouraging environmental initiatives. 

Furthering responsible leadership through trust

bti 2021 image

The Gustavson Brand Trust Index, an extensive annual survey of consumers’ trust in brands, demonstrates the importance of responsible leadership, and its impact on the bottom line. 

Collaborative community and capacity building


The National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development (NCIED) develops partnerships focused on improving the economic wellbeing of Indigenous nations and their communities.   

Dialogue towards a better future

Victoria Forum

The inaugural Victoria Forum brought together policy-makers, academics, business leaders and civil society to discuss diversity and inclusion, and the actions we can take to build a better world. 

Bridging oceans through relationships and research


The University of Victoria’s Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives fosters connections between UVic and the broader community with this important and diverse region of the world.

Climate knowledge, insight, action and results


The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is a research and education network that connects leading researchers from BC and around the world to study the impacts of climate change.