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There is a business school built for those who see the need for a new way forward. A school that, while not right for everyone, is the perfect place for thinkers, generators of ideas, and creators of change. It’s right here, on Canada’s stunning west coast, at the Gustavson School of Business. Here, you’ll find learning that throws out convention and sparks personal growth. Listen closely for the call of adventure. Seize opportunities to do great business today and tomorrow, near and far, in a completely different way.

Gustavson at a Glance

Dean's message 

The Gustavson business education and approach is founded on our vision and the four value pillars that underpin everything we do: international, integrative, innovative and sustainability/social responsibility. These values are incorporated throughout the program in course content, in teaching style, in developing our students' global mindset and in our areas of specialization. The quality of our program is reflected in the thought leadership our professors bring to the classroom and in the accreditations we have earned from AACSBEQUIS, and as an early signatory to the UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). We're a relatively small business school, with about 1,400 students, faculty and staff, located on the west coast of Canada. We get to know our students personally to help them excel and explore the exciting world of business management. We are a growing, dynamic business school with a bright future ahead. 

Please feel free to connect with us; we welcome your interest.

Define success in your own terms. Do you envision a career where the rewards are every day? Where you innovate, manage, problem-solve and lead to make a meaningful difference? If so, Gustavson provides the kind of business education that can get you there.

Internationally accredited and ranked among the top business school in Canada, we have built our reputation on high standards — for you and ourselves:

We have earned both EQUIS and AACSB accreditation, two standards of excellence that place us among the top tier of business schools worldwide.

An international perspective
A global mindset and skill-set are critical for business. Throughout our programs, you are immersed in international situations and settings. You interact with students and faculty from a diversity of backgrounds; examine cross-cultural business issues; and have the chance to travel overseas on exchanges and field exercises.

An integrated approach
Rather than teach traditional subjects separately, our faculty take an integrated approach. Cases, field exercises and projects challenge you to draw on your learning from multiple areas and synthesize solutions. Integration further intensifies in our specializations as you acquire the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills those careers demand.

Innovative specializations
In our BCom program, you can choose to specialize in entrepreneurship, international business or service management. Each is team taught, highly integrative and experiential. Or, you can always opt to remain non-specialized and tailor the program to your particular career interests.

Doing the right thing
In core courses and electives, you learn to consider the economic, social and environmental consequences of decisions. This capability is known as triple bottom line thinking; others call it "people, planet, profits." Regardless of its name, through our programs' emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability, you can become a positive agent of change.

Earn and learn
In our BCom, MBA, Master of Global Business and Master in Management programs, you gain hands on experience through our co-operative or internship program. You have the opportuniy go on paid work terms with businesses, non-profits or government – either within Canada or internationally. As a result, you can apply and test your academic learning in the workplace, acquire professional skills and refine their career goals through direct industry experience.

  • As a co-op grad, you’re more likely to land a job sooner, be promoted faster and earn a higher salary than non-co-op grads.
  • The pay is great—the average monthly co-op salary is $2,970.

Connected to the community
To keep your learning relevant, we maintain close connections between the community and the classroom. You interact with local, regional and international organizations and individuals through research and consulting projects, co-ops and internships, guest speakers, networking events, and an executive mentor program. The wisdom and guidance of these leaders is an invaluable resource that enhances your classroom learning.

A name not a number
Our smaller size is your advantage. For example, as a third year BCom student, you become part of a cohort of less than 60 students. As an MBA, Master of Global Business or Master in Management student you join a class of less than 45 students. Our cohort based model means extensive interaction between students and instructors, as well as among students — especially as you work in tight-knit teams. The result: great friendships and an even better learning environment.

Our winning aspiration

Together we transform lives.

  • We champion research that makes a difference.
  • We develop responsible leaders for a better world.
  • We cultivate partnerships for positive impact.

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The Gustavson School of Business produces an annual Year in Review. This publication documents and celebrates the achievements and initiatives of the school for the calendar year.

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