The UVic Difference

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Project updates

There's a clear and compelling UVic story emerging from all the comments and feedback we've received, and the research we've conducted over the course of project.

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How can you get involved?

Nobody knows how to tell our story better than you, the diverse group of individuals who comprise our UVic community.

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About this project

The goal of this project is to update UVic's reputation and messaging in response to changes in our university and our world.

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Engaging the community

From our campus community and the Greater Victoria community, to the research and Indigenous communities, we want to ensure key constituencies are part of this process.

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Tell us: why UVic?

Your input on this project is vital, and we're encouraging you to continue the conversation on social media and tell us why you love UVic.

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Positioning for Success

"Why UVic?" It's a simple, but fundamental question we need to answer if we're going to remain a university of choice for students, faculty, staff, donors, employers and the diverse communities we serve.

Today, all universities must communicate their advantages in a world of new opportunities as well as of shrinking high school demographics, increased student mobility, heightened emphasis on social relevance and tighter funding constraints.

UVic has a great opportunity to build on our strong reputation.

Now is the time to be bold—to be proactive about defining the UVic difference, our distinct advantages, and why they're more relevant than ever.

That's why your input into this project is so important.

Share your views—let's shape the UVic story together.