Printing and photocopying

Self-serve grayscale and colour high-speed laser printing and photocopying services using your NetLink ID printing account are available at multiple locations across UVic for your convenience. You may print from the computers in our facilities or set up your Windows or Mac OS X-based notebook computer to print over UVic's wireless network.

You can view your account balance and history and add funds with a Visa™or MasterCard™ online.

All prices are per printed side.

Grayscale Colour
Printing $0.12 $0.40
Photocopying $0.12 n/a

To release a print job, you will need to have funds available on your NetLink ID printing account.

You can add funds with your Visa™, MasterCard™, and Interac™ card at the computing facilities in the Business and Economics, Clearihue and Human and Social Development Buildings, and at the McPherson Library Main Desk. You can also add funds using a Visa™or MasterCard™ using the online PaperCut self-serve interface.

We can also accept cash at the front desk of the Clearihue Computing Facility (Clearihue A112) or the McPherson Library Main Desk.

We do not refund excess funds on accounts. Therefore, only add enough credit to your account to meet your printing needs.

When you login at one of the print release stations or photocopiers (in the Business and Economics, Clearihue, Human and Social Development and MacLaurin buildings only) and release or make a copy, the applicable funds will be deducted from your printing account.

Note: All printers are setup to automatically duplex (print double-sided).

You can use your NetLink ID printing account in these areas:

*Photocopiers in other buildings across campus will continue to use the library copy card until further notice.

  1. No refunds will be given for unspent balance on any NetLink ID printing account.
  2. Refunds for print jobs will only be granted for the following reasons and are at the discretion of facility staff:
    • Fading or streaked printer toner;
    • Paper jams where printer does not automatically reprint the job;
    • Printer has to be powered down to fix an error and print job does not print upon powering back up;
    • Formatting issues where staff have assisted.
  3. Upon graduation there will be a one year grace period for using up any NetLink ID printing account balance.
  4. Twelve (12) months after graduation and eighteen (18) months of inactivity the NetLink ID printing account will be deleted. This deletion process will be done at the end of each term (April, August and December).

Note: You are encouraged to spend your balance or transfer your balance to another person (see staff for assistance) within a year after graduation.

Any concerns or questions about the above policy can be directed to

You can use the PaperCut self-serve web interface to generate reports of your print account usage and transactions.

  1. Log in to the PaperCut web interface or simply click on the Printing Info link in the PaperCut Client window that shows up on all of our workstations.
  2. Click on Transaction History on the left.
    • The default report will show all activity in your account over the last two weeks. To create a custom report, click on Show Filter.
    • Set a custom date range and/or transaction type:
      • Print Usage will display print jobs released using your account.
      • Manual adjustment will display online payments made.
      • Manual transaction (Web Cashier) will display in-person transactions.
      Screen capture of the PaperCut transaction history report filter
    • You can export your report to a printable PDF, HTML, or Excel document with the links at the bottom.

If you are having issues obtaining the transaction record or need a customized report you can also email with your NetLink ID and specifics on what information you need regarding your account.